Cottage in the village Eurasia

The subject of development is a kitchen-living room in a two-story country house, a hall.

The owners are a family of 2 people. Two children will be visiting.

Stylistics - modern classics with elements of oriental (Arabian) style.

Ceiling: uncomplicated, white, modern matt. Along the perimeter - illuminated ceiling cornice.

Lighting: built-in light sources, wall sconces with an oriental theme, a classic chandelier. Above the dining table - suspensions, sconces - from the inside of the bay window.

Floor coverings: marble-patterned porcelain stoneware, laminate. It is possible to use ornaments on the floor.

Finishing materials for walls: decorative plaster, wallpaper.

Textiles: curtains, pillows. Additionally - roller blinds on the windows, Roman blinds on the kitchen window.


Stick the mirror film on the door to the garden.


Colors: white, beige, turquoise.



in the bay window, there is a dining group consisting of an oval sliding table with chairs for 8 people. Highlight the bay window portal with narrow columns and polyurethane stucco moldings.

bar counter (if it fits),

kitchen set: sink, PM, hob, freestanding refrigerator, built-in oven and microwave in the column cabinet. Under the window, floor-standing cabinets with a depth of 400 mm. Height - 850 mm, use the surface of the window sill. Hanging cabinets - up to the ceiling.

In the living room, there is an L-shaped / U-shaped geometric sofa, a coffee table, TV, a fireplace portal, a painting.

Organize a pantry under the stairs, and a built-in wardrobe on the back of the refrigerator. Extend the wall between the kitchen and the stairs 400 mm.


The staircase is light wooden with a handrail.

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