Hi! My name is Maria Shafran. My essence and profession are all in one substance - Interior Design. But it was not always so.
From my early childhood, I spent all my free time drawing as I could.

I received higher philological education. After graduation, I could become a master in the high school or a teacher of the Russian language and literature as far as my mom and granny did.

But I already knew what it was like. I was dreaming of something extremely new. For about 15 years I have been working as an event and PR manager in Russian IT companies. It was so exciting and creative alike.

But for many years I have noticed that every space I was overviewed was from the point of how I can make it much more attractive. And then I made a decision - now or never, which meant for me to live or not to live. I went to the Architectural and art academy to change all my life and to start it from the beginning.⠀

2018-04-15 Galery 11 - Portraits ZZF LITV7685_preview.jpeg

Now I have 7-year-old experience in Interior design. I continue self-education almost every day. Space design is what I am ready to do at any time and in any condition.


  • Ural State Architectural Academy, Faculty of Environmental Design.

  • Internship in "Hot Walls" and "Interierus design studios", "Batenkov's Studio".

  • "Interior School" of Daria Kazantseva (regularly).

  • A course on combining ornaments from Yesenia Semipyadnaya

  • Color course by Daria Kazantseva

  • Course by decorator Daria Kazantseva

  • Course on the selection of art in the interior from Daria Kazantseva

  • Course "Decorator" by Tina Khabarova, "Artclever school" (Moscow together with partners in Portland, Oregon (USA).

Work experience as an interior designer - 7.5 years

My Author stylistics

1. Mixing stylistics

2. Combination of ethnic and European ornaments

3. Combination of warm and cold shades

4. Combination of old and new

5. Contrast of rough and gentle, scary and beautiful

6. Combination of figurative and abstract art

7. Simple laconic form of curtains