How to make your home a source of pleasure and experience?

Before the pandemic, most of us commuted to work every day, went to restaurants, attended concerts, traveled, and met friends.
Today we have become “literally” locked within four walls: the house has become an office, a place for study, entertainment and recreation...

When communication has become virtual, your interior becomes the property of a large number of people, and it “says” a lot about your taste and personality.

Did you know that it is the interior that can become a source of vivid impressions and provide emotional stability in a situation of certainty and hostility of the outside world?

Today the requirements for the interior are increasing, because he must provide

  • ergonomic work and study space,

  • a comfortable rest and relaxation area,

  • zones of emotional reboot, shaking and relaxation,

  • the opportunity to express your individuality through the interior,

  • safety and environmental friendliness of the space.

My name is Maria Shafran, I am an interior designer and decorator, I will help you make your home attractive, cozy and functional.


I offer services:

  • interior design from scratch,

  • redesign of an outdated interior,

  • decoration of rented housing.

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1) Original design, developed just for you,

2) Implemented design project (a set of figurative-visual and technical solutions),


3) Saving from 40 to 60% of the amount that you spend on your own due to the exact calculation of the amount of finishing materials, buying only the necessary furniture, discounts that the designer receives from suppliers,


4) Bill of materials, furniture, lighting, plumbing, materials.

5) Saving your time.


Ural State Architectural Academy, Faculty of Environmental Design.

Internship in "Hot Walls" and "Interierus design studios", "Batenkov's Studio".

"Interior School" of Daria Kazantseva (regularly).

A course on combining ornaments from Yesenia Semipyadnaya
Color course by Daria Kazantseva
Course by decorator Daria Kazantseva
Course on the selection of art in the interior from Daria Kazantseva

Course "Decorator" by Tina Khabarova, "Artclever school" (Moscow together with partners in Portland, Oregon (USA).

Work experience as an interior designer - 6 years.

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Дарья Репина.jpg

Daria Repina

I would like to express my deep gratitude to Maria for the interior design she created.

She took into account all the wishes and with great taste, paying attention to small details and features of the living space, she created the perfect image for the apartment.

On an area of ​​38 square meters, thanks to her delicate taste, Maria perfectly arranged everything and visually enlarged the apartment due to the arrangement of furniture, flowers and dismantling the wall, beating this in such a way that more open space appeared.

I would be happy to recommend Maria to my friends. Also, many thanks for the promptness, understanding and attention to detail and all the wishes.

June 24, 2019